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Spiritual Healing

 Sometimes the work we need to do to feel whole again is not so much about focusing on the physical body, but tending the Spirit. During traumatic times - or times of deep wounding, we can become closed off or disconnected to parts of ourselves. Often times what is needed is a loving witness - other times deeper healing is required.


Perhaps it is not trauma that needs healing, but a feeling of disconnect due to the busy nature of our lives or our inability to find meaning in the choices we are making. Reconnecting to your spirit and finding out about the things that truly nourish you take you from a place of merely surviving to a place of thriving - truly celebrating your life with every breath!


Maybe there has been a significant passage, or initiation, you have been through or are going through. Healing work can help you make sense of big experiences and help to integrate them into your life. Sometimes these passages need a celebration to mark the accomplishment - a celebration deeper than a night our on the town with friends.


In our healing sessions together, I will create and hold sacred space. We will talk about your heart and life and the things that really matter to you. After I have deeply listened you your heart and words we will move into the healing - sometimes journeying is called for, sometimes singing, rattling or drumming, sometimes the use of sacred herbs and/or laying on of hands (energy work). The sessions are tailored to your unique being and situation.


Healing  Session:  75 minutes $225 in person or by phone.

       Journey Work


      Soul Retrieval




       Ancestral Work

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