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There is but one temple in this Universe: The Body.

                              We speak to God whenever we lay

                                                     our hands upon it. ~Thomas Carlyle

Letter to your body



Dear Body,

      Let me start by saying how grateful I am that you are here and I am excited for the work that we will be doing together. I have the utmost reverence, respect and wonder for all that you are and all that you do. You really do amaze me.

      I would like you to know that although I hear there are some things that feel odd or out of sorts, that I do not consider you broken. I know that you are responding to life in the best way possible and this is where you find yourself. I don't feel the need to 'fix' you because I don't see you as broken. We will work together, you and I, to come to an understanding that you feel good about.

     I am a deep listener and will learn to speak your language fluently, if we work together long enough. I will be listening for how you like to be touched; depth, speed and intention. During this process, I may likely be made aware of your history - we can talk about it or not - your choice. What is shared between us stays just that - between us.

     I will facilitate communication between you and your person so that you may live together in greater harmony. That relationship is an important one and I am a big believer in education.


With reverance and gratitude,


Cyndi, LMT



Massage license #MA00016490


"The brilliance of working with Cyndi is she holds space for what works for me. I don't hear the same old tired suggestions that work for no one who lives in reality- she listens to what I need in my life and finds a way to help me make that experience just a little bit better.

Also, I can say anything in that room, snore, cry, whatever, and it's all good. She's tuned in and connected to how much pressure I want and is helping me to create a new relationship with a body I've been very disconnected from due to trauma. Get thee on her table!"
   -Kristina K

"Had a beautiful massage session with the wondrous Cyndi. I love being present in my body and how Cyndi affirms it for me." ♥

- Chamagne R

"Cyndi is an extremely gifted and wonderful therapist. Her gifts have supported me through many expected and unexpected events and transitions in my life. So many times I have come into her room frazzled and ungrounded, and I leave with a tremendous sense of wellbeing and peace. If you have the opportunity to see her, take it! She is worth every penny."

- Aliza F

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