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Truth happens in a state of not knowing,

               truth happens in innocence. Truth happens

                          where there are no clouds of

                                 thought moving into

                                          your consciousness. When the

                                                 sky is absolutely clear. -Osho


It occurred to me that no one tells you what to expect when you get a massage. So here are some of the most common questions that I have been asked. It's ok not know what to expect, specially the first time you do something.  Please contact me if you have a question that is not listed here. We will co-create the experience together.

Does massage have to hurt to be effective?
Absolutely not. The body responds to pain by tensing up. This response is the body's way of taking care of itself and is perfectly natural and the antithesis of relaxation and trust.  A seasoned practitioner will listen to your body and your words and adjust the pressure to suit your needs.

I don't like feeling oily after a massage – is there any other option?
There are tons of options for lubrication. Most massage therapists will have a selection of oils or lotion to choose from. If it bothers you, ask your therapist what choices they offer or whether they would be willing to use something different during your massage.

Should I tip my therapist?
The industry standard for tipping is this: therapists who work in spas are generally tipped and massage therapists working in a therapeutic setting are not. That being said, if you feel that your therapist went above and beyond, and if feels good for you to tip, by all means do so. It will be much appreciated.

How much clothing do I take off?
Some therapists will take control in this situation – but the ball is always in your court. If you are not comfortable taking all your clothes off, then talk to your therapist about it. Undress to your comfort level – underwear on or off and slip between the sheets so that you are fully covered. During a massage, your genitals should not be exposed, nor your breasts. There are times when breast massage is indicated, however it should not occur without the client and practitioner having a discussion about it. This discussion should not occur while the client is on the table.

The pressure is too much or not enough – should I say something?
Please do! This is your experience and you help shape it by giving feedback about what you are feeling. It totally helps the practitioner meet you where you are and get a better understanding on how to help. Feedback is great! If the massage practitioner doesn't listen to you about pressure or other things, find someone else.



Do I talk during my massage or stay quiet?

This is largely up to you. Some people cannot relax without talking and sometimes it takes a while to quiet down. Healing occurs in both situations, talking and quiet. I do encourage you to check in with your body and see which would serve you and please, even if you have chosen to be quiet, speak up if there is an issue of discomfort.


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