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WELCOME! Take a deep breath, settle into yourself and let's get acquainted. I'm Cyndi, owner of Cyndislight and I'm glad you are here. Thanks for stopping by.


CYNDISLIGHT is a welcoming and transformational healing space devoted to helping humans thrive. Ultimately, I help people love themselves better. We focus on your relationship to yourself through healing touch, breathwork, spiritual guidance and/or intimacy coaching. To become more self aware creates choice. You are no longer run by your wounding.  Understanding your wounding creates self compassion.  Choice + compassion + love + desire = awesome, abundant living!

SOUNDS amazing, right, but how do you get there? Don't worry, we can do it together. I will hold space and help you navigate as you begin to experience yourself as safe space, so it won't be so scary to go withing and see what lives there. Unlocking that wisdom, your unique holy wisdom is what delivers you to a fully abundant life. It is the perhaps the hardest, but best work you will do!

WE didn't just come to die, we came to live. How amazing does it get to be? How much pleasure do we get to have? Let's find out!

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