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Cyndi Hedel

Greetings. I'm happy you have found me. I am a licensed massage therapist, intuitive healer, guide and coach. I've been in practice for 21 years. Beyond massage school I have trained in reiki, advanced training in pregnancy massage, gua sha and cupping, craniosacral, year long body listening training. I trained with a shaman for 7 years - this is by far what has influenced my work the most. Recently, I underwent a year long sex, love and relationship program (650 hours). But really, I consider myself a healer and universal cheerleader. It's hard being human and breathtaking, beautiful and miraculous.

At the heart of it, I know how amazing you are - I want you to know it, too! from the inside out. This is how we heal the world, one human at a time. I want to help you discover what you most desire, who you most desire to be and support you in finding your way there. We can explore this through bodywork, breathwork, coaching and/or healing sessions. This is courageous, holy, hard and sacred work. Are you ready?

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