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Happy to meet you!

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Cyndi Hedel and I own Cyndislight. I am a transformational sex, love and relationship coach, bodyworker and breathworker. I have been a healer for over 22 years.

I've always been passionate about helping others. I have an amazing amount of compassion for how hard it can be to be a human! Witnessing how many people feel like they are failing at life is heartbreaking. But being able to change people's lives by providing support and filling their tool box with new skills is deeply rewarding!

I believe that relationships are some of the richest most important experiences we will have and that many of us, myself included, were not given the necessary tools to thrive in them. Good news is, as long as you're breathing, you can still learn!

I also believe that sex is not just an extra bonus, but can be a powerful, transformative, deeply delicious part of those relationships.  Also another aspect of life that we didn't learn how to thrive in. I'm here to help!

I love guiding individuals and multiples in understanding themselves better. With increased understanding comes compassion and the ability to make choices in the direction of connection and intimacy.

Here's to creating the deep, juicy, sexy relationships that you crave!

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