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Mistress of Ceremonies

Ritual is the bridge between the seen and the unseen. It is an intentional act within which we exist in both the physical Earth realm and the Spirit realm. This is a powerful place of transformation.

Ritual makes space for our right sided brain which is concerned with imagery, art and symbols, to be expressed and honored. In doing so, we create more fullness, more aliveness and more deeply honor the fullness of being human.

An effective ritual is created by a powerful container. A seasoned practitioner and a commitment and agreement with participants what we are coming together to accomplish. We are all powerful and capable of creating and participating in these spaces. Allow me, the Mistress of Ceremonies to show you how!

Ritual prices vary depending on type and length of ritual. Traditionally they start at $500.00.





Transformation/Initiation/Change of Life:

  • Weddings

  • Conception

  • Blessing Way

  • Coming of Age Rituals

  • Graduation

  • Divorce


Space Clearings/House Blessings

Sacred Salons

Pussy Parties

Private Breathwork Events

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