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What if you and your body are not broken and do not need to be fixed? What if the discomfort and pain in your body is not just an inconvenience but an amalgamation of the stories of your lived experience; some of which is processed and integrated and some which is not. What changes when we view pain as a conversation needing to happen? What happens when we extend compassion to our body and all that it holds and does for us?

You can learn to tap into these stories and I can show you how. When I touch your body, I do so with listening hands. Your body will tell me how it needs to be touched. My job is to listen.

I am an intuitive healer, meaning I am listening to the entirety of you with my full body - all of my senses . Through this deeper listening I gain insight into how to specifically touch your unique body to maximize harmony and healing.

My wish for you to know your body as a safe and wondrous place. My work is dedicated to facilitating a deeper relationship to your body and the wisdom that is present there.

Bodywork $225/75 minute

Intuitive Healing Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Lymphatic Drainage


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