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Intuitive Healing Sessions

I've been an intuitive healer and massage therapist for over 22 years. The most extraordinary thing I've learned is just how wise and amazing the body is. 

The second astonishing thing I've seen is how disconnected people are from themselves and their own innate glory and gifts.

I  do not approach my clients as if you are something that requires fixing because you are not broken. You are an amalgamation of everything that has happened to you up until this moment. Those stories are in your body as joy and pain. Sometimes the pain gets stuck.

I can support you in being your own safe space by addressing what's present in the body. Acknowledging, accepting and feeling what's here in the moment helps the nervous system experience harmony.

Healing touch is powerful in this way. It can help facilitate a synergy of the body, mind and energy systems. A deep and true sense of well being and it feels good!!!

Who would you be if you knew the language of your body and had a sense of your purpose and magic?

 60 minutes $125.00

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