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Where your mind goes, your energy flows.

What do you stand for? Another way to ask is what are your values? Your world view? What is worth your energy? 

Defining these things gives you guidelines to live by and positive ways to focus your energy.

When you think about a day in your life, where does your energy go? What is feeding you and what is taking from you?

I stand for self discovery, self compassion and freedom. I’m hungry for what life has to offer. I’m wary of things that compromise my sovereignty. My energy flows in the direction of alchemy; energy up and out, not in and down. My energy is fed by witnessing and supporting others in finding their power and pleasure.

I became a massage therapist to help people feel better in their skin. What I realized was that most people are not present in their actual bodies and they are quick to devalue themselves. So many people feel like they are falling short in life, missing all the ways they are actually nailing it! This was heartbreaking to me.

I began to find ways to help people identify and become intimate with their own version of  awesome. To get to know and understand themselves on a deeper level. For the last 20 some odd years this has been through touch and conversation. 

I recently added coaching to my tool box. Last year I completed a 650 hour program for sex, love and relationship coaching. I still do bodywork and I also have expanded my services into coaching which I’m loving!

What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? 

What are your relationships like out in the world?

When I mention the word sex, what comes up for you?

Do you crave more connection; more depth?

If you are feeling like there is more to life, that you have reached a plateau, let’s chat. 

If your intimate relationship with yourself or your partner has lost it’s spark, let’s chat. 

If you feel like there is more to life, but you don’t know how to access it, let’s chat.  

If you have loved and appreciated my healing touch, hit me up.

Perhaps you are not broken or wrong - it’s just hard to see outside your own experience. It may be hard to identify what’s getting in your way. I’m here to help. The FB, IG and website links below are live. All great ways to get in touch with me. 

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